Education Through Technology

A Breif introduction to Fred C Beyer High's robotics team and the classes offered here at Beyer High.

In 2011, Dr. Lillian Lazo and Mrs. Heidi Pagani started the Central Valley's first FTC team here at Beyer High School. By the next year, Heidi had begun teaching a Robotics class and an FRC team was created. In 2013, we had a secondary Robotics program, two Programming and Engineering courses, and another FTC team. The FTC teams are now led by Mrs. Charity Loche and Heidi, who also leads the FRC team. Dr. Lazo oversees the project with the principal, Mr. Dan Park. The Robotics I class is currently being taught by Mrs. Charity Loche and the Robotics II Course Is being taught by Mrs. Heidi Pagani and the ANSI C class is being taught by Dr. Lillian Lazo.

About Us

Fred C Beyer High has two FTC teams, or FIRST Technical Challenge, and one FRC team, or FIRST Robotics Competition. These teams of students and parent/teacher mentors build small to large robots that must complete an annually given challenge. The students must construct the body of the robots, properly set up the wires inside, and program them so it can complete tasks. With mentor and coach guidance, our students use professional power tools and technical computer programs to accomplish great things!

University Partners

We are currently partnerd with the UC Merced School of Engineering, UC Davis Davis C-Stem Center, and the California State University Stanislaus together they help our students get a head start in the technological world.